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Author of the Desert Thriller series


"In a perfect world John Smith would be a man left in peace, someone who could just enjoy life.


But the world isn't perfect ..."

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Some people just have trouble follow them around ....


John Smith is in LA, enjoying wandering around on a Sunday evening when he gets caught up in a terrorist strike on 7th Street Metro Station.


This time he is an innocent, but he takes it personally and can help find those responsible. Soon he finds himself up against an organisation who the whole world fear and in a race against time to prevent more deaths. He is on the same side as the police, the CIA, the FBI and the army, but who can he really trust? Somebody is talking ....

Dying for LA

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John Smith is a man who solves problems, just don’t try to stop him. He is in Las Vegas trying to track down a missing woman, which should be a simple job. But he soon discovers he is not welcome, and there are those who want to make sure he leaves the city fast, in one way or another.

As a favour to an old friend in the FBI John returns to West Texas. But there is now a whole new town and way of life that has sprung up since he was last there ten years previously. He soon finds out he is in the middle of some very rich men who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

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"Cracking read from start to finish!"

5 stars - Lucy Green

"Very enjoyable... would highly recommend."

5 stars - Richard Hanna

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"An excellent read! It had everything a crime thriller should have! A good intrigue, likeable protagonists and a deserving end! Brilliant!"

5 stars - BE Martin

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About Ian ...

Ian is a Londoner born and bred, now living in the leafy south west with his family, cat, tortoise and three fish.


He started writing seriously in his twenties, black comedies normally but was never able to complete a novel, and created mostly short stories.


This carried on until he  began working on an idea for a thriller, then by chance was in Las Vegas for work and realised that it was the perfect setting and was able to (finally) finish the work. He has always enjoyed telling stories and loves to write.


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Ian Jones Author Thriller

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